December 31, 2010

Where are they Now?

As we find ourselves on the last day of 2010 you're probably thinking back on the past year & wondering where it's gone.  Let's go a step further.  Many steps further, actually.  Let's look back to the 80's (of course) and see where they've gone.  You'll remember that on the 88 blog, I've featured long gone & forgotten celebs from our 70's & 80's childhood.  Today I found this fun look at even more folks from our 80's.

If the names Michael Anthony Hall or Molly Ringwald make your ears perk up, then you remember those great John Hughes films.  Find out where many of those 80's stars are now.

Or what about Run D.M.C., Debbie Gibson, Duran Duran or Devo?  Did you know one of these groups has a new album coming out soon?  Find out who & much more here

And if all this makes you regret selling all your cassettes in your mom's garage sale, you can find some great 80's albums here and John Hughes movies here.

December 21, 2010

Just Hear those Sleigh Bells Ringing

Re-posted from last year:

Here are four songs from the 1983 Junior (middle school) Band Christmas Concert. We were in the 8th grade, so this would be our last year in junior band. If you listen to the first song, you'll hear just a bit of Mr. Ed Grissom introducing the songs.

What Child is This?
Of course, there are no lyrics sung to any of these band performances - you'll have to find some archived choir recordings for that - but did you know that there are two "missing" verses to "What Child is This?" that you've probably never sung in church - or anywhere else for that matter? If you can endure these four songs, I'll show you the two missing verses at the end of the post.

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Title Unknown
That first song wasn't too bad, was it? This next song is fun to listen to, but I don't know the title. A special prize goes to any former Jr Band member who can tell me!
**UPDATE: I was just listening to this again & it hit me - the title is something like, "Santa's Toyshop".

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