June 11, 2010

Retro Can

Here are three magazine ads featuring soft drinks in those retro cans with the pull tab that came completely off of the can (it's interesting that the only ads were for diet drinks).  Remember those tabs?  The top of the can had instructions:  "Dispose of properly."  I remember Trent Allen telling me that as a child he always thought that tab was called a "properly."

These cans are just another piece of our culture that have received enough packaging and often logo redesign, that seeing the vintage pop cans fizzes up memories.  Wanna shake up some more?  The Retro Soda Pop website has some good info about vintage pop & some fun soda commercials from the 70's & 80's, including this jingle, "I wanna pop (pop) (pop) I wanna shhhhhhhasta!"

The first two ads came out of a 1980 Good Housekeeping magazine and the third ad came out of an early 80's Rolling Stone Mag.

Click on any image for supersized view.
Also interesting is the superhero theme in two of these three ads. Wonder Woman above, Superman below.
And speaking of retro drinks... Mello Yellow is coming out with a throw-back packaging design similar to the 1979 logo complete with a groovy new website.  Here's a pic of three of their can designs:

And here's the new packaging:
The reason I'm even including this in a blog post is that in this new re-design you have three of my favorite things combined into one:  1) my favorite soda as a kid, 2) logo design, and 3)... retro!  What could be better?  I know - a trip down the clay hill to the Mad Butcher during summer vacation with my quarter in hand to buy me a Mello Yello in a glass bottle (and usually a Whatchamacallit to wash it down).  After popping the cap off with the bottle opener built into the coke machine, I could chug the whole thing just standing there - probably because it was so good, but more likely so I wouldn't have to pay a nickel for the bottle deposit if I left the store.  Remember that - paying deposits on glass bottles!?  It worked both ways though... I'd often take a sack full of bottles that I had collected from the neighborhood down to the store & they'd pay me a nickel apiece.  Some easy coin.

That's all I got.  Another post in the can.


  1. Your post made me think of our little store we had at the corner of Vine and route 35. The fenced in back yard was always covered in return bottles. You had the 10 oz, 12 oz and 32 oz. And all those old wooden bottle crates. I think they're actually collectable now. There were plenty of kids that made a "living" bringing bottles in. When I hear Lynyrd Skynyrd's Ballad of Curtis Lowe, I always think of this. Good growing up there.

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  2. I have fond memories of both Aaron's post and Mark's reply. Avant's was the corner grocery at Vine/Hwy 35. My two older brothers, lacking money to buy a drink inside the store, "poured up" their own by collecting the small remnants of what remained in the almost-empty bottles in the back of the store. (That makes me sick at my stomach just thinking about it today. Good times ... good times.) And I, too, Aaron, used to get a Mello Yello at the Mad Butcher machine and drink it as fast as I could. The reason I did was because of a TV commercial in which Mello Yello had a western-gun-draw type challenge to see how fast someone could drink a Mello Yello vs. one of its competitors. The point was that Mello Yello was so smooth and tasty that it went down fast. They had a timer on the TV screen, and I always wanted to beat that time.

  3. Thanks for the great memories, Anonymous. That commercial you mentioned is probably why I gulped mine down too! I completely forgot about that - nice job!
    But please - identify yourself! :) It's always good to meet another retro lover!

    I haven't found the western ad yet - but here's one where they chug. I'll have to do a new post & feature these ads!
    Thanks again for stopping by!

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