May 21, 2010

80's Links

It's been almost a year since I've done an "80's Links" post here on the 88 blog.  I'm afraid to think about all the gnarly news & totally tubular tidbits of radical retro culture out in cyber-space that you've missed because of my negligence.  Shame on me.

::  Bad news first.  The death of the floppy disc.  RIP.

::  Do you remember what your room looked like in the late 70's & early 80's?  Fellow 88er & Arkansan Kirk Demarais does & sends us on a "geek & find."  This is great!

::  Calling all Star Wars fans!  The second George Lucas blockbuster, now known as Episode V, "The Empire Strikes Back" is celebrating it's 30th birthday.  Neatocoolville begins a week-long blog tribute here and John Rozum has been forcing out the posts all month here.

::  Op is back (dunno if they ever left, actually).  If you don't like the new line of beach clothing, you can always buy the vintage.

:: has a nice selection of some of your favorite 70's & 80's television shows for free viewing!

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