May 23, 2010

In Memory of Melissa Williams

Today marks the 15 year anniversary of the death of our classmate, Melissa Williams (Fuell). She died in an automobile accident in 1995.

Please visit her memorial page at our 88 website to read her obituary and leave your thoughts. If you are still in touch with the family, perhaps an encouraging card or phone call might be appropriate, just to let them know you were thinking about them. Melissa's family still resides in Sheridan.

My desire is to remember our deceased classmates throughout the year on the date of each of their deaths to keep their memory fresh in our minds & give us all a reminder to number our days.

May 21, 2010

80's Links

It's been almost a year since I've done an "80's Links" post here on the 88 blog.  I'm afraid to think about all the gnarly news & totally tubular tidbits of radical retro culture out in cyber-space that you've missed because of my negligence.  Shame on me.

::  Bad news first.  The death of the floppy disc.  RIP.

::  Do you remember what your room looked like in the late 70's & early 80's?  Fellow 88er & Arkansan Kirk Demarais does & sends us on a "geek & find."  This is great!

::  Calling all Star Wars fans!  The second George Lucas blockbuster, now known as Episode V, "The Empire Strikes Back" is celebrating it's 30th birthday.  Neatocoolville begins a week-long blog tribute here and John Rozum has been forcing out the posts all month here.

::  Op is back (dunno if they ever left, actually).  If you don't like the new line of beach clothing, you can always buy the vintage.

:: has a nice selection of some of your favorite 70's & 80's television shows for free viewing!

May 17, 2010

I Love America :: 1976 Bicentennial Celebration

I think I've already posted several pics from this old, 1976 Bicentennial special edition of the Sheridan Headlight, and I've got more to come.  The photo & article below features a special choir performance by First Baptist Church's Youth Choir.  There were only a few names listed in the article, but perhaps taking a closer look at the image below (click to enlarge) might allow you to find some folks you know.  One of the soloists mentioned in the write-up is Phil Tygart, father of 88 grad, Bryan Tygart.

"WE LOVE AMERICA," says the First Baptist Church youth choir, who will be presenting the premier of their Bicentennial musical, "I Love America," tonight at McKenzie Hall.  They are the second feature of a special Bicentennial program beginning with the Arkansas Arts Center's production of "By George" at 8 p.m.
Click to enlarge this detail.

I was also surprised to find someone in this photo that I know very well - my friend, pastor & fellow colleague, Lance Quinn.  Lance attended SHS his sophomore year and part of his junior year before moving away.  We were recently sharing his vague & dusty Sheridan memories and he mentioned singing in the FBC choir.  I, of course, knew I had this newspaper write-up at home and we both wondered if we might find him in this very picture.  And... whah-lah:

Click to enlarge.

May 14, 2010

Totally Rad 80s Fads

Ladies, slip on your legwarmers, shoulder pads and fingerless gloves. Men, dig out your pastel t-shirts to throw on under your blazers and your acid-washed jeans. Gel your hair into a mullet. Go on, we'll wait here. In fact, while you're changing we'll go ahead and put our Appetite for Destruction tape in our ghetto blaster. OK, now that you're situated comfortably in the 80s, you're in the mindset to remember some of the biggest fads of the decade.

Take the Totally Rad 80's Fads quiz here.

May 6, 2010

Summer Wear

Summer is upon us and what better time is there for going to Dillard's at McCain Mall (remember, Park Plaza wasn't really cool in the 80's and University Mall is no more) to shop for your summer wardrobe.  We're all quick to point out that the girls did this frequently... but many guys - if they're honest - would have to admit that they, too, shopped for the summer wear.
In the 2-page layout below you'll see some sporty fashions that I'm sure every Grant County boy would want  hanging in his closet - just in case Cox Creek or Degray Lake opened a Yacht Club or something.  Ya never know.

click any image to enlarge

Speaking of malls... check out this blog dedicated to the memory of long-be-gone malls from the 50's, 60's & 70's.  And, for those of you who still have some Grant Co. red neck left in (I sure do!), I've got a nice collection of Cox Creek Lake photos just waiting to be posted.  Check back soon!