February 2, 2010

We Are The World... The Remake

So I'm sitting here at the Crain Ford dealership waiting on the family wagon to get some recall work done and on the tv I hear a story that catches my all-things-80s ear.  It appears that, in an effort to raise funds for Haiti relief, a group of musicians and actors/actresses have gathered to record a new version of "We Are The World."

I only recognize a few of the names in this new cast, and frankly, of the names I do recognize, I couldn't tell you a single song they sing.  Perhaps as my children grow older I'll end up with some 'Lil Wayne or Jonas Brothers on my iPod.  But I doubt it.  Here's what I do know about the remake.

  1. The lyrics remain the same.
  2. The music, for the most part, remains the same (some 21st century liberties are taken, I'm sure).
  3. Not ONE of the original 1985 singers were invited back for this remake.  None.
  4. Many of those who did participate in the remake weren't even BORN when the original was recorded!  That'll make you feel old.
  5. The honor  of singing of the opening line was given to the pop-star... Justin Bieber from Canada.  Huh?  He's fifteen years old.
  6. The song was recorded in the same studio, with the same producer (Quincy Jones) and co-writer Lionel Richie - exactly 25 years later (well, give or take 3 days).

There are no public videos of the recording yet, but my guess is that they'll be popping up soon.  For now, here's rapper 'Lil Wayne commenting on the news that he would be singing Bob Dylan's line.  [SIGH]

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