January 26, 2010

Elementary Textbooks

On Wednesday morning, August 16th, 1978 I walked into the 2nd door on the third row of buildings on the Sheridan Elementary School campus to begin my third grade year.  Most of us had our moms in tow, to not only meet our new teacher (mine would be Mrs. Pyle), but to sign the card above legally binding them to pay for any damage their careless 8 year old kid might cause to the stack of books he/she was about to receive.
I have since begun a very small collection of some of our grade school books - mostly readers.  So now I'm really wishing we would've taken better care of them.  It's hard to find a 40 year old school book in decent shape.
By the way - I'd like to have a set of the old spelling books we had in grade school.  Remember those?  Each year's cover was a different color, but all of them had a pattern of letters on them something like this:

If you happen to find any of these - lemme know.

So anyways... I'm not sure what the process is now-a-days - if they even have to sign for textbooks at all.  I do know that in some high schools, they're moving from textbooks to MacBooks!  I doubt they even have a damage waiver like we did - because if you damage these hi-tech toys, you can just buy them at the end of the year - for a dollar.

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