November 12, 2009

Stand Out in a Crowd

I've posted similar pics like these before and do so again because there's just something about a candid crowd shot.

I like how you can spend much more time pouring over group photos like these... looking for as many people as you can... finding yourself... seeing who you were standing beside... who were you talking to... who was screaming the battle cry behind you in your ear. I also think it's neat how you're seeing most people (except for the front row and/or anyone who sees the cameraman before the pic is snapped) in their natural element, unaware that countless people will one day be staring at them, frozen in this photographic image for years to come. Kinda creepy, huh?

Click any of these to enlarge, grab your magnifying glass and start searching.

Pep Rally crowd, circa 1987

Homecoming Crowd, circa 1986

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