October 8, 2009

The Birds

Some of my favorite elementary school memories involve crafts - especially Halloween crafts. Remember making the owl out of black construction paper with cupcake papers as eyes? Or if you were in Mrs. Haskins' fourth grade class, you got to make a life-size skeleton out of rolled up newspapers! Then after Halloween was over we started working on the multi-colored feathers for our Thanksgiving turkey or the big, black-buckled pilgrim's hat. Good times!

Sadly, I don't have any of my Halloween crafts - or the newspaper skeleton for that matter. But I do have My Bird Book. And you get to see it. Not to show off my stunning artwork (though I'm certain I was beyond my years in the fine art of crayola), but just to serve as a jolt to remind you of the many great craft projects we did as grade schoolers.

Now, if my memory serves me correctly, I constructed this ornithological compilation during Mrs. Thompson's second grade class. That is, when I wasn't writing all those lines for talking during class. Interestingly enough, I can actually remember coloring some of these pictures.

And of course, your practical, take-home point for the day is this: save all that junk your kids bring home from school. I'm sure they'll want to blog about it in twenty years.


  1. Aaron I remember some of those projects as well. I wonder if Mom still has that box that she use to put my school work/crafts in?

    Oh and it has been longer than 20 years since grade school...lol... I think closer to 30...

    Klay Hall

  2. Oh - guess you're right Klay! 30 years - yikes!