September 7, 2009


Below is the movie ad for "2010" found in a December, 1984 Rolling Stone magazine. What once seemed so far away is now upon us. We've well surpassed the year 2001. And who can forget the prequel to the movie below, Space Odyssey that gave us this great opening scene? Now we're just a few months away from 2010. Crazy. We should be living on the moon and driving spaceship rocket cars by now, shouldn't we?

So what's happening in 2010? How will we even pronounce 2010? Two thousand ten or twenty ten?

Here's the skinny on 2010.

September 4, 2009

Jacket Pride Shines Once Again

Tomorrow, September 5th, marks a significant day in the history of Sheridan football. Twenty-three years ago, our team broke a 27 game losing streak when they beat the Bryant Hornets during the season opener.

Below is the front page of the Sheridan Headlight from the following week. Unfortunately, Page 12 of this edition (containing the write up) is not available. Something tells me though that this image alone is enough to make you smile.

Sheridan stuns Bryant
7-0 in season opener

Number 10, senior Allen Crawford at halfback, pictured at right, looks downfield for yardage in Friday night's game against Bryant.
Crawford went on to score the only touchdown of the game on a four yard pass from senior quarterback Jeff Henard.