July 5, 2009

Air Pudding and Wind Sauce - Continued

Continuing our perusal from last post through one of our elementary readers, "Air Pudding and Wind Sauce" (APWS). Today's post will feature images from several of the stories as well as these first six images that serve as divider pages between the story sections in the book. The bright colors continue and more hand-drawn, simple, fun fonts are used to give this a nice touch.

Any Old Junk Today?
The image above and those following are opening pages from several stories from APWS. Two decades of influence are noticed here. The bright, vibrant colors reflect the newly liberated 70's generation (Lisa's Song, Trouble with Susie, Emperor), while there are still some talented water color images remaining from the 50's & 60's (Snowshoe Thompson, Danny and the Rangers).
From the size & difficulty of the vocabulary lists, I'd guess this to be at least a 3rd or 4th grade level reader.

Why Don't You Invent It?

For Mary Ellis

Lisa's Song

Trouble with Susie

Snowshoe Thompson

Danny and the Rangers

The Emperor's New Clothes

Be sure to gather around for the next post kids!
We'll be reading together,
"Kate and the Big Cat!"

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