July 17, 2009

80's Links :: Retro TV Guide

Today we sit in front of the computer screen about as much as we sat in front of the TV growing up. I don't know if one is to be preferred over the other - both have much to offer and also plenty that's undesirable.

The following links pay homage to our time growing up with the tube:

:: Summer days & sick days allowed us our fill of game shows. Here are some highlights.

:: Ponch... Crissy... Gilligan... where are they now? Here.

:: And a web-museum for the idiot box.

:: Here's a good starting place to research your favorite shows from the 70's & 80's (did they even have tv in the 90's?)

:: What do Brady Bunch & Gilligan's Island have in common? Sherwood Schwartz. (Warning: this lengthy interview contains brief foul language)

:: Not directly tv-related... but has 80's all over it... here's a cover of Billie Jean done with 80's electronics. Nice vocals, too!

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