July 21, 2009

1985 Stinger Cheerleaders

As I'm slowly but surely scanning in all of our yearbooks (I've posted all of them through 5th grade here), I'll occasionally pick some pics to post here on the 88 blog. Now that I've uploaded one of our 4 junior high yearbooks, I'm jumping ahead to work on our first senior high yearbook and I'll alternate from here on out (5th, 9th, 6th, 10th, 7th, 11th...).

Below are photos from the two-page spread featuring our 9th grade Stinger Cheerleaders.

(L to R, Top to Bottom): Michelle Stoops, Pam Drake, Vicki Thompson, Shelli Smith, Kim Sites, Dana Oates, Cindy Grace, Kristy Evans.

The Stinger cheerleaders attended the NCA cheerleader camp at ASU. They were taught new cheers, chants, pyramids, pom pom routines, and spirit ideas. At the camp the Stinger cheerleaders won two excellent and three superior ribbons. Over 500 cheerleaders attended the camp and out of these, nine were selected as All American cheerleaders. Michelle Stoops was selected as one of the nine. The Stinger cheerleaders showed outstanding spirit and support for their team through pep rallies, banners, signs, parties, and selling spirit ribbons.

The Stinger cheerleaders raise the spirit even at away games.
The Stinger cheerleaders know who is number one.