June 5, 2009

From "Others" to "Visitors"

Elizabeth Mitchell (aka, Juliet from "LOST") will star in the new ABC re-imaging of the 80's sci-fi mini-series, "V" (for "Visitors").

I don't remember watching this series, but I do remember, vividly, seeing the promotional spots & specifically the spray-painted "V" on the wall.

You can refresh yourself on the classic "V" series here, or watch the opening credits here:

Or find out the main plot of "V" in 10 seconds with this clip:

V on Variety
V on tV.com

(HT:The Great 80's)

PS: Speaking of "Lost" and the 80's, in case you were getting excited about NBC's new show this fall, "Lost in the 80's", according to this site, they deemed the 80's show a lost cause.

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