June 30, 2009

Air Pudding and Wind Sauce

If the title of this reader from our elementary days doesn't ring a bell, perhaps one glimpse of the beautiful red & purple cover will reveal a whole new corner of memories that have been supressed in your mind. It certainly did for me when I saw this book in our local Goodwill store for $1.00.

In all of our grade school classes we were divided up into reading groups according to our individual reading levels. I'm not sure what group I was in, but I distinctly remember this book. "Air Pudding and Wind Sauce"... who could forget a title like that? Do you remember any others? How about Green Feet, Blue Dilly Dilly or Cloverleaf. I had a copy of Cloverleaf - with the milk carton-shaped holstein cow on the front - until one of my kids left it out in the rain.

The next couple of posts will feature this great book - both it's contents and it's cover. Speaking of the cover...

The red & purple analogic color scheme, the inconsistent checkered tablecloth and hand-drawn fonts on the cover only hint at the great & groovy, psychadelic-seventies style illustrations awaiting the young reader within the book's pages.

Is this table of contents too inticing for you? Just wait - next week I'll post some of the incredible artwork filling this volume and then we'll get to read a story together!
My favorite from APWS... "Any Old Junk Today," featuring this great illustration.

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