May 22, 2009

William & Mary... & Michael

"it's yet more evidence that
quantity of media attention
rarely provides a reliable indicator
as to music quality and lasting significance"

So said Steve Peake on a recent blog post where he questioned the massive media coverage of a new Guiness World Record. At The College of William & Mary in Virginia, 242 students, faculty and children set a new record last weekend as part of the largest dance rendition of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'.

I won't fire-hose Mr. Peake with venom, as he suspects some opponents will. However, regarding his quote above, where he poo-poos the "music quality and lasting significance" of the King of Pop - I must respectfully disagree. Certainly, Jacko has gone wacko (no argument from me) but Mikey's music is quality and significant. After all, you don't see people trying to set records to ONJ's "Physical" or Paula's "Straight Up" videos, do you?

If you agree or disagree with Steve Peake, you can tell me here or tell him at his blog. But for now, you know you wanna see it - so here is the world record rendition of the "Thriller" dance.

Watch the original Thriller video here.

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