May 6, 2009

More from '84

I found this 1984 Olympics edition of LIFE magazine not long ago and will be posting some interesting photos & articles of the 80's athletes (In particular, the 21-year-old, college player of the year, Michael Jordan. Heard of him?)

But for now I'll continue the car theme I began Monday with this series of Chrysler ads (RIP). Apparently Chrysler was the official automotive sponsor of the '84 Olympics. Each of these ads was a 2-page spread in the magazine.

The Plymouth Voyager

The Sports Sedan

The Reliant K

New Yorker

LeBaron Town & Country

The Laser

The Plymouth Horizon

Plymouth Turismo Duster (the Mustang wannabe)

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Oh - and ladies, lest you think that I'm being partial to the guys with all these cars & video games & such, I do have a couple of Vogue magazines from the 80's that my wife is helping me sort through so I can post here. However, as finely dressed as you gals were, I don't know that there was a whole lotta Vogue fashion goin' on in Sheridan. :)

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