June 19, 2009

It's Like, a Rolling Stone

During a recent visit to Sheridan, I stopped by Resurrection's Antique Mall on the town square (located in the old ABC Bookstore building). In the back of the store I found these first three Rolling Stone mags from the 80's for just a couple of bucks each (The last three I snagged on Ebay). You won't believe all the retro-culture treasure that is to be found in the pages of these periodicals!

Issue No. 436 December 6, 1984
Cover: Bruce Springsteen

Issue No. 508 September 10, 1987
Cover: Madonna

Issue No. 443 March 14, 1983
Cover: U2

Issue No. 493 February 12, 1987
Cover: Pee Wee Herman

Issue No. 474 May 22, 1986
Cover: Michael J. Fox

Issue No. 471 April 10, 1986
Cover: Stevie Wonder

And here's a sneak peek at one of the articles contained in these pop-culture time vaults - a write up of the production of "We Are the World". Notice the subtitle, "Record could raise millions for hungry." The final total was over $60 million dollars. By the way, USA for Africa is still going strong today.

Stay tuned for many more excerpts from these 80's magazines -including trendy fashion ads, cutting-edge 80's electronics, Hollywood scoops and much more!

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