May 18, 2009

Bon Voyage, Class of '88

For the remainder of the month of May, I'll be posting a few more articles, items and photos surrounding one of most significant times in our lives - graduation. Below is an editorial written by JoomMi Ha bidding a short & sweet farewell to our classmates.

Bon voyage, class of '88

Most seniors are waiting in anticipation for the ringing of the last dismissal bell, signifying the end of our high school career.
While the majority of the seniors are impatient to leave school, they will also be saddened at the prospect of leaving a way of life known to them f or most of their lives.
The graduating class of 1988, as did other graduating classes, shared many moments together. Most importantly, we grew up and matured together. We came in as children and will now depart this institution as adults.
Now we are going to leave a way of life known to us for 13 years for something totally different and new, but wherever we go, Sheridan High School will always be a special bond that ties all of us together.

Bon voyage, class of '88

Written by Joomi Ha
You can see what's already been posted about our mass exodus from the public school system, by clicking here.

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