May 26, 2009

80's Links

More retro links from around the web...

~ The problem: your kids want their Wii, but you want your old-school Nintendo.
The solution: this (HT:Retro Thing)

~ In case you're across the pond this fall, you might wanna catch Kajagoogoo's first tour in 25 years. Check out their site here. (HT:The Great 80's)

~ The kids in this JC Penney commercial weren't even alive when Breakfast Club came out.

~ This link is also in the sidebar, but wanted to highlight this site dedicated to posting facts and original trailers for hundreds of great 80's movies.

~ And speaking of great 80's movies, did you know a remake of Footloose is underway? (Added bonus: this link also shows the clip from Footloose when Kevin Bacon does what all of us guys used to do when we needed to let off some steam... drive to a old warehouse & perform a choreographed dance.)

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