May 29, 2009

Senior Activities

Here is the offcial list of senior activites leading up to and including our graduation. Our Senior Trip was at Wild River Country.

Senior Sunday began with breakfast at Charlie's Restaurant (owned by Travis Miller's family, and formerly known as Smitty's and Essie's and more recently as Karla's and Catherine's, etc. etc. ad nauseum).

Afterwards we attended East Union Baptist Church in East End (where Larry Campbell is currently on staff as Children's Pastor). I'm ashamed to say my only memory of Senior Sunday was driving very fast to East End after breakfast to get to the church. It was indeed the Lord's grace that we made it there alive. Does anyone know if they still have a Senior Sunday anymore?

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And here are four pics from our Senior Breakfast:

L to R: Jason Smith, TJ Lavelle, Don Eslick, Tammy Ingle, Jeremy Crosswhite, Angela Rogers

Debra Howard, Robin Walters and Kim Derrick

Cindy Grace, Jari Seppala and Jerry Mills

May 27, 2009

Baccalaureate Services

I saw in last week's Sheridan Headlight the class of 2009 graduation photos, scholarships and other awards. In keeping with that time of year and as I promised earlier, here's a re-post from the fall.

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May 26, 2009

80's Links

More retro links from around the web...

~ The problem: your kids want their Wii, but you want your old-school Nintendo.
The solution: this (HT:Retro Thing)

~ In case you're across the pond this fall, you might wanna catch Kajagoogoo's first tour in 25 years. Check out their site here. (HT:The Great 80's)

~ The kids in this JC Penney commercial weren't even alive when Breakfast Club came out.

~ This link is also in the sidebar, but wanted to highlight this site dedicated to posting facts and original trailers for hundreds of great 80's movies.

~ And speaking of great 80's movies, did you know a remake of Footloose is underway? (Added bonus: this link also shows the clip from Footloose when Kevin Bacon does what all of us guys used to do when we needed to let off some steam... drive to a old warehouse & perform a choreographed dance.)

May 25, 2009

May 22, 2009

William & Mary... & Michael

"it's yet more evidence that
quantity of media attention
rarely provides a reliable indicator
as to music quality and lasting significance"

So said Steve Peake on a recent blog post where he questioned the massive media coverage of a new Guiness World Record. At The College of William & Mary in Virginia, 242 students, faculty and children set a new record last weekend as part of the largest dance rendition of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'.

I won't fire-hose Mr. Peake with venom, as he suspects some opponents will. However, regarding his quote above, where he poo-poos the "music quality and lasting significance" of the King of Pop - I must respectfully disagree. Certainly, Jacko has gone wacko (no argument from me) but Mikey's music is quality and significant. After all, you don't see people trying to set records to ONJ's "Physical" or Paula's "Straight Up" videos, do you?

If you agree or disagree with Steve Peake, you can tell me here or tell him at his blog. But for now, you know you wanna see it - so here is the world record rendition of the "Thriller" dance.

Watch the original Thriller video here.

May 20, 2009

Senior Last Will and Testament - 1988

Last week we read what the Class of 1987 left for us in their last will & testament. Today we'll read what some of us tried to pass down to the lower classman at the end of our senior year. We'd been waiting to write our wills ever since we could remember reading others in the school newspaper. The goal here was to be clever and unique, personal and specific... you only get one shot at this, so it'd better be funny. Before you read any further, do you remember what you wrote?

We, the seniors, will the following items and memories upon our graduation…
I, Vicki Ausbrooks, will to Scott Boatright the ability to run from the auditorium to the lunchroom without falling down, and to Marqus Dorn my ability to be cool and immature at the same time.

I, Tammy Carrell, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave my common sense and, above all, my ability to put two and two together, to Jeni Crosswhite.

I, Jeremy Crosswhite, being of sound mind and body, will to Matthew Adkins the ability to play the piano without moving.

I, Laura Heird, being of sound body and mind, will to all members of the 1988 Junior Class who plan to take Mrs. Cook’s Advanced English IV class the right to wait until the night before research papers are due to get NO sleep.

I, Don Eslick, leave my ability to wait until the last minute to study and to finish the famous research paper to anyone who will take it. Someone please take it!

I, Vandra Williams, being of sound mind and body, will my ability to get through track practice without complaining to Shannon Hooten and my ability to play racquetball to Darrin Theiss.

I, Susie Larkin, will my ability to keep up the spirit of the basketball team at all times to the Lady Jackets of 88-89.

I, Melissa Plummer, hereby leave my ability to tolerate blue Mondays and rainy days the same as any other day to my brother Tim Benfield. Good luck!

I, Jackie Davis, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave my propane system to the science classes.

I, Jon Paul Anderton, being of sound mind and body leave Michelle Romine the ability to stay out of D-hall.

I, Jason Smith, being of sound mind and body, will a pack of Big Red gum to Justin Gaddis.

I, Rodney Cossey, left my mind somewhere.

I, Marlena Ukno, being of nervous mind and exhausted body, leave all the stress and anxieties of being a senior to the members of the Junior Class.

I, Kevin Sollars, leave my ability to be quiet, kind, and courteous to Clarence Howard.

I, Penny White, being of sound mind and sound body, will my ability to NEVER get into trouble to Marcy Holmes and my brain to Gwen Curtis.

I, Gina McCool, being of unusual mind and strangely clad body, will my ability to dress the way I do to anyone who has the guts (or stupidity). Good luck!

I, Rickey Whitaker, leave my driving record and ability to stay out of trouble for one year to Buffie May.
I, Karen Vanlandingham, leave nothing to anyone because I’m taking it with me!

I, Jamey Black, leave all my torn blue jeans to Chris Campbell, my awesome golf scores for Brent Winston to try to beat, and my shorts over sweats to Mr. Robinson, along with a free driving lesson.

I, Larry Campbell, will my extremely thick and voluptuous hair to Bob Easton.

I, Kim Vailes, of unsound mind, will my brains to the sophomore class to be divided equally among them because they will need all the help they can get to get out of here by 1990.

I, Clif Arnold, will my truck to my dad because after all my wrecks, I’ll never be able to afford insurance again. Now he can make the payments!

I, Dana Oates, being of sound body and mind, will my ability to pass Mrs. Cook’s English class to Bobby Taylor. Good luck because you’ll need it!

I, Phillip Clifford, will my tan to Melissa Caple.

I, Lance Ashley, being of sound mind and body that speaks for itself, will my lack of concern, my ability to procrastinate, and my knack for doing nothing and getting by, to anyone that wants it.

I, Steven Benning, being of sound great mind and awesome body, will my brain to Johnny Nooner so he can stay out of trouble in Mrs. Williams’ class and my King Delbert crown to Mr. Simpson.

I, Andy Mayberry, being of brilliant mind and fantastic body, will my tremendous free-throw shooting ability to Laith Adams, my sportswriting ability to Jamie Gartman, and my full head of hair to Mr. Easton.

I, David Damron, will my ability to shoot on the right goal during a basketball game, and not to make a fool of myself while singing “Joy to the World” in front of the whole school to Lisa Deal.

I, Trent (Mini Shaw) Allen, being of average sized body but bigger than Aaron Wilson, hereby will my ability to shred anyone, anywhere, anytime to my younger brother, Justin (Executive Shaw) Allen, and I will my ability to exclaim, “OH, Yeah,” to Bobby Lee Taylor.

I, Travis Miller, being of unsound mind and body, will my ability to get up early to Wayne Miller, and my ability to survive the ordeal of fighting, kicking, and struggling with Mrs. Cook’s research paper to Speedy Wilkerson, and my grades to the Blivets, Shrons, and Pencil-necks below me.

I, Paula Ferguson, being of semi-sound mind and body, will my title of “Platinum Princess” and my whips and chains to anyone who wishes to take it over.

I, Christi Eggburn, being of sound mind and body, will my good luck to anyone who has all the time and patience to play all the contests in the Arkansas Democrat and the Arkansas Gazette.

May 18, 2009

Bon Voyage, Class of '88

For the remainder of the month of May, I'll be posting a few more articles, items and photos surrounding one of most significant times in our lives - graduation. Below is an editorial written by JoomMi Ha bidding a short & sweet farewell to our classmates.

Bon voyage, class of '88

Most seniors are waiting in anticipation for the ringing of the last dismissal bell, signifying the end of our high school career.
While the majority of the seniors are impatient to leave school, they will also be saddened at the prospect of leaving a way of life known to them f or most of their lives.
The graduating class of 1988, as did other graduating classes, shared many moments together. Most importantly, we grew up and matured together. We came in as children and will now depart this institution as adults.
Now we are going to leave a way of life known to us for 13 years for something totally different and new, but wherever we go, Sheridan High School will always be a special bond that ties all of us together.

Bon voyage, class of '88

Written by Joomi Ha
You can see what's already been posted about our mass exodus from the public school system, by clicking here.

May 15, 2009

Mario Madness

The year: 1988 (of course)

The show: Inside Edition

The host: Bill O'Reilly (much younger)

The story: The new Nintendo craze.

Sure, we were in our late teens and about to graduate high school, but how many of you came close to flunking out of college because of your addiction to Mario & Louigi?

May 13, 2009

Senior Last Will and Testament - 1987

One of the anticipated events leading up to graduating was leaving our "Senior Last Will & Testament." But before we could leave our final words to the juniors, one year prior we were the juniors receiving from the '87 seniors. Below are the bequeathals from the '87ers to the '88ers. Enjoy.

Senior Last Will and Testament
I, Sandra Moltz, being of sound mind and body at the moment, will my ability to stay out of trouble and ability to drive safely to Wendy and Amanda Moltz and Misty Moody.

I, Bret Boatright, being of smart mind and body, leave my ability not to care about it to David Lunsford. I leave Scott Herron my ability to not get knocked out in a football game and I leave my life-of-the-party ability to Brad LaRue.

I, Clay Bob Hooten, being of sound mind and body, will my ability to be bad to the brass in his remaining year of years to Lance Ashley.

I, Heather Cornelius, being of sound mind and broken body resulting from football season, will be my ability to twirl to anyone who can do it and love it as much as I did. I also will my ability to fade into the woodwork whenever Mr. West mentions band practice to all of the sophomores and juniors in band.

I, Laura Johnston, being of sound mind and body, will my patience to Shelli Smith and my ability to never have long, skinny legs to Aaron Wilson.

I, Kim Weser, being of not so sound mind and body, will my ability to survive Mrs. Cook’s Advanced English IV class to Jay Mizell.

I, Barry Blake #1, being of sound mind and body, will my ability to work hard and maintain a positive school attitude to Brand Moon. I also will my common sense to the girls from Mills.

I, Bill Murphy, wild man all the way, will my little brother the ability to party with the best.

I, Leigh Shannon, of sound mind and body, will my unique ability to gain the ultimate respect of all my teachers to Shelli Smith. May the classes of ’88 and ’89 have as good a senior year as the class of ’87.

I, Jimmy Choate, being of questionable mind and fine body, leave my ability to steal tenor sax reeds from Mr. West to my good friend Aaron Wilson and my most prized possession, the ability to keep the beat, to Allen Kelly, who’s gonna need it when I’m gone.

I, Rhonda Fiser, being of sound mind and body, do will my academic abilities that I can spare to my cousin Ky.

I, Jenny Luft, will my ability to smile at Mrs. Cook while she is fussing about the newspaper to Jim Pollock and Joomi Ha, who will be the co-editors. I will to Sara Luft my ability to get up in the morning earlier than 15 minutes before it’s time to leave for school.

I, Mary Norton, being of sound mind and body, will Joomi Ha my long legs so that she can finally be the center on the drill team.

I, Jenesse Harrington, being of sound body and mind, hereby will my ability to keep everything in a mess to Jeremy Crosswhite.

I, Janet Shadwick, being of sound mind and body, will my ability to stay out of detention hall to Bryan Ard, who really needs it.

I, Julie McElrath, being of airheaded mind, will my ability to be the life of the party to Scarlet Damron.

I, Buffy Thomas, will my ability to sneak out of the house without getting caught to Vandra Williams.

I, Kim Hale, being of sound mind and body??, will my ability to be great but humble to Paula Ferguson, my brain to better think with, to Andrea Winston, and my ability to have wrecks and survive to Larry Campbell.

I, Tim Herbert, being of sound mind and awesome body, leave my ability to be awesome at everything I do to my brother David Herbert.

I, Gordon Brodsky, do hereby will my divine musical ability and rhythmical talent to Lance Ashley and Trent Allen. Good luck to the CLASS OF ’87.

I, Amy Michelle Vinson, of sound body and not so sound mind, do will my ability to skip school to Tamila Jill Vinson.

I, Jeff Lisenbey, being of sound mind and body, will my ability to make good grades without studying to Jim Pollock.

I, Kelley Vanlandingham, being of sound mind and body, will my ability to drive on wet pavement without going into the ditch to Beverly Tucker.

I, Pam Stanton, will my ability to get ready in 15 minutes to Vandra Williams.

I, James Edward Squires, being of sound mind and body, leave my abilities to drive Mr. West insane to the entire trombone section for next year.

I, Melissa Eulitt, being of sound mind, do leave my sense of money and how to spend it to Mr. Easton so that he can buy a black and white TV set on which he can watch ALF.

I, Greg Tisdale, would have been of sound mind if not for Mitch’s rock music, will my ability to not loan money to Bill Murphy to the people he meets in the future.

I, Jeff Butler, being of sound mind and body, do will my ability to get out of trouble, my ability to pass English, and my penny collection to Matthew Oakes.

I, Mitch Watson, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Larry Campbell my atrocious ability to belch like a true frog from the mentally deranged dimension.

I, Steve Shaw, being of sound mind and body, will my ability to handle the pressure of driving to school from East End to Mrs. Reynolds because maybe someday she’ll have a car that will pass.

I, Seth Lowrey, being of super sound mind and fine body, do will my grades in chemistry to Kim (Sethea) Sites and my ability to keep the band together without anyone watching me to Lance Ashley.

I, Allen Crawford, do hereby will my ability to get a tan to Roy (Torch) Clark, my sociable look to Andy Crouse, and my 300 int. med. Hurdling ability also to Andy Crouse.

I, Clint Rhoden, of sound body and mind, will my procrastination to Jim Pollock.

I, etc., will my bad jokes to Lynn Taylor, who deserves them, and my procrastination to Joomi Ha. Thanks for the memories, Don Romine.

I, Kevin Boyd, being of sound mind and body, will my position as head redbird of SHS to David Damron.

I, Tracy Earnesty, being of small mind and short body, do will my ability to talk through my nose to Trent Allen and my ability to stay an airhead throughout high school to Eugenia Dreher.

I, David Bell, being of brilliant mind and fantastic body, leave my ability to make great grades without doing any homework to my girlfriend Jamara Taylor.
Come back next week to read what some of us left for the Class of '89.

May 11, 2009

First Cell of Knowledge

Editorials…First cell of knowledge
Jim Pollock

For about a month now, students at SHS have been counting down the number of days left in the school year. Leading the efforts have been several seniors who have posted the progress on the blackboards of several classrooms. Why are these students so anxious to graduate?

The answer probably does not lie with the quality of the school for several reasons. Sheridan High School is very popular with the majority of the students. It is also well known and respected around the state for its honors and superior aspects in many areas. Despite the fact that Arkansas teachers are underpaid and overworked, the teachers work diligently to help students succeed in a certain field and in life. Because of this, students generally respect their teachers.

Again, why are these students so anxious to leave all these good things?

The answer lies in the purpose of high school and our changing society. High school is meant to be the place where one can learn the basic skills needed for success in life. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, basic skills become more advanced with our changing society. Because of this, SHS teachers prepare us for future education in a field.

If we, as adults, are to achieve in life, we must always continue to build upon that first cell of a developing embryo of knowledge better known as high school.

May 8, 2009

Where Were They Then?

A quick spin-off of our "Where Are They Now?" category:

Recognize this up & coming actor?

I've removed the embedded video since it starts automatically. But you can still
click here to view this 80's Bubble Yum commercial.

May 6, 2009

More from '84

I found this 1984 Olympics edition of LIFE magazine not long ago and will be posting some interesting photos & articles of the 80's athletes (In particular, the 21-year-old, college player of the year, Michael Jordan. Heard of him?)

But for now I'll continue the car theme I began Monday with this series of Chrysler ads (RIP). Apparently Chrysler was the official automotive sponsor of the '84 Olympics. Each of these ads was a 2-page spread in the magazine.

The Plymouth Voyager

The Sports Sedan

The Reliant K

New Yorker

LeBaron Town & Country

The Laser

The Plymouth Horizon

Plymouth Turismo Duster (the Mustang wannabe)

See more Vintage Vehicles in my Facebook Album (membership not required)

Oh - and ladies, lest you think that I'm being partial to the guys with all these cars & video games & such, I do have a couple of Vogue magazines from the 80's that my wife is helping me sort through so I can post here. However, as finely dressed as you gals were, I don't know that there was a whole lotta Vogue fashion goin' on in Sheridan. :)

May 4, 2009

'84 Models

I have an April 16, 1984 edition of Time Magazine (I'll post the cover & some articles later) published during the year that most of us 88ers were receiving our driving permits. For today's post I want to show you the automobile ads that were included in this mag.

Two thoughts come to mind:
1. It's highly improbable that our folks were buying the latest models (maybe the K Car).
2. It's even more improbable that if they did have a new model, they'd let us practice our road skills with it.
If 1984 was the 20th anniversary for this great little car, then that makes this year it's 45th anniversary. After the Big Boog retired (my '72 LWB Dodge pick-up), I was the happy recipient of an 1986 model 'Stang. Though it was only a "LX" model (a GT wannabe).

Though the K Car was soon a plague to be avoided by teen drivers, it actually sold pretty well. I also have the 1984 special "Olympic" issue of LIFE magazine, in which Chrysler (the uppety older brother to Dodge) apparently bought all auto ad space. Guess the advertising didn't work too well, since they just announced bankruptcy last Tuesday. Speaking of which - here's a bit of trivia for you. Did you know that the Chrysler headquarters building was designed to easily convert into a shopping mall? Why did the designers do this back in the 80's when it was built? Answer: In case of bankruptcy! Believe it? I heard it on NPR.

Ahh - the Ford pick-em-up truck. A common ride for Grant County residents.

Out of all the sports cars that were popular in our day, Camaro has always been my least favorite. I have no educated mechanical or technical explanation... pro'bly just asthetics. And, it has nothing to do with the fact that my best friend wrapped one around a telephone pole in the curve in front of the Whitworth's house.