April 17, 2009

Wordle Me This

I found a fun online tool last week called Wordle. It's easy to use. You enter any text you want or any url that has an RSS feed, and Wordle creates a word picture. The largest words are the ones most used in the text or feed. The first image below was done with the Sheridan 88 blog feed, just after I posted the 9th grade pics, so you can see all the names that showed up.

The Wordle below was created with the article "Yellowjackets Headed to Playoffs".

You can even pick your own colors, fonts & layout. Below are Scott Ausbrooks' poem as well as one I did for my personal blog or check these Wordle images made from presidential inaugural speeches.

The creator of Wordle allows anyone to use these images in any way they desire, as long as credit is linked back to his site. So try your own Wordle.

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