April 8, 2009

Teeny League to Babe Ruth

In keeping with the baseball theme this week, here are my team pictures from at least five of my uneventful years in the Sheridan summer baseball program. Now, I'm not posting these just so you can see me. And, I'm certainly not posting these because I was a great ball player. But I am posting these because you'll find quite a few other classmates among the team members.

Also, notice the early stage of hat-wearing seen here. Basically all you see is "High Ridin' & Straight Brimmed". It's not until the early 80's that the hats evolved a bit with the single bend in the brim.

1979 Crook Brothers Furniture
Back Row: Silas Wilson, Laith Adams, Brian Williams, Stephen Hunter, Ricky Whitaker, Aaron Wilson, Justin Allen, Larry Allen
Front Row: Jay Yarborough, Landon Culpepper, John Lee Cole, Bobby Taylor, Trent Allen, Yancee Shepherd, Randall Reed

On the back of the cardboard frame that came with all team photos, was a place for autographs. Of course I wanted my first year's baseball experiene to be complete, so I had my teammates sign on the line. I'm sure I was thinking ahead: if any of these little guys ever went pro, I could sell this on Ebay for some quick cash. Right on.

1980 Grant County Bank
Back Row: James Smith, Rickey Whitaker, Aaron Wilson, Jason Jordan, Clay Hooten, Wayne Ross, Bryant Anderson, Mark Spencer
Front Row: Chris Hartwick, Waylon Whitmire, Bobby Spencer, Billy Hartwick, Shane Nugent, Batgirl Beverly Smith

1982 Grant County Bank
Back Row: Kenneth Reed, Aaron Wilson, Chris Paty, Chris Hartwick, Dale Hatley, Ricky Whitaker, Bryant Anderson
Front Row: Batgirl Amy Reed, Hollis Nutt, Wayne Hitt, Randall Reed, John Lee Cole, Yancee Shepherd, Eric Hanson, Joel Stanton

1983(?) Little Rock Tent & Awning
Back Row:
(Unknown), Aaron Wilson, Brett Epperson, Ricky Paty, David Gartman, Alan Culpepper, Craig Autry, Brad Larue
Front Row: Chris Brown, Alan Williams, Andy Crouse, Brian Gartman, Travis Gaddis

1984(?) Little Rock Tent & Awning
Back Row:
David Gartman, Roger Fowler, Chris Paty, Shawn Smith, Matthew Adkins, Jamie Gartman, James Moltz
Front Row: Brad Larue, Aaron Wilson, Brian Gartman, Andy Crouse, David Workman, Pat Moltz

My most vivid memory from playing on LR T&A is riding in the back of Coach David Gartman's Jeep on the way to practice at the Gartman homeplace south of town. MJ's "Wanna Be Startin' Something" was BLARING out of the speakers & I instantly became a fan.

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