April 24, 2009

Prom Pics

Ok - I'll take the lead here and post my own pic first, but then I'll embarrass the rest of you below. In the photo above is Eric Hanson ('89) and his date Jenni Crosswhite ('90), my date Carrie Rhinehart ('89) and myself, and LeAnn (forgot her last name... Lisa Deal's cousin) and Trent Allen. Trent and I followed 80's tradition with white shoes, white tux, white boys. Eric broke out and bravely wore the new paint-splatter pattern.

Senior prom gents David Lunsford, Brad Larue, Shannon Talbert ('89) and Scott Herron.

David again, now with his date Cindy Grace; as well as Scott & Michelle.

From our Junior Prom, here are three lovely ladies. Melissa Nesbitt, Corinna Hartman and Christy Romine.

Ok - maybe Eric wasn't the only cool guy this year. Wearing matching paint-splatter shirts and shades are David Herbert ('89), Breit Hicks ('89), Brian Pruett, Billy Bob Bryant ('89) and Kevin Young.

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