April 10, 2009

All Things Atari

Before Wii and Nintendo's Game Cube and PS2 or 3 or whatever number they're on, there was something way more better in home video gaming. Making it's debut in 1977 along with the joysticks & paddles was the : ATARI.

The following links are all related to that wonderful new game we once considered "the greatest thing since PONG."

:: Here, retro – techy – nerdy meets fashion.

:: If I HAD a cool, retro game room, these would look great!

:: Apparently, nobody touched it:

:: If you can’t see trading in your kids’ Wii for an old school Nintendo, you still have other options.

:: What?! You have no Atari memories??!! Well then, try living vicariously through Kirk Demarais.

:: Wanna play now?

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