April 28, 2009

80's Rock... is Back?

In case you missed Tommy Shaw (STYX) and Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon) on "The Early Show" yesterday:

Several random thoughts IMHO:
  • Too much time was spent on this video.
  • Did that old bald man just say, "Duuuuuude!"? Please.
  • I can't fight this feelin'... of nausea.
  • Same old bald man carefully said, "Not bad for about five minutes rehearsal.
  • Same old bald man is trying way too hard to be cool.
  • I'm sorry I made you watch this.
  • I really do like STYX and REO, really. Back when they were younger than me.
  • If, even after this train wreck, you're still hopeful that they'll be better in concert, help yourself.

1 comment:

  1. I really like both groups, but unfortunately Kevin
    Cronin really can not sing very well live.. but Tommy Shaw and STYX sound great live, I would probably go see them if they come anywhere around here..