April 3, 2009

80's Links

Quite often while scraping the cyber bottoms for blog fodder to keep you, the reader, happy & content, I come across some interesting bits of trivia & news that I just don't have time to post and/or comment on. So I'm going to begin - on occasion - posting a list of links to such material for your enjoyment. In keeping with the 88 blog theme, these links will pertain primarily to the 80's and/or anything relating to our growing up years.

Today's post is the first of such lists. Enjoy.

:: Every wonder just how safe those school buses were you rode on all those years?

:: What do Mousetrap, Toss Across, Simon, Lite Brite and Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots all have in common? They're all the inventions of toymaker Marvin Glass.

:: In case you haven't heard by now, MJ is back for one last tour.

:: Madonna: No Mercy.

:: What's worse than getting Rick Rolled? How 'bout getting broadsided by his first Broadway attempt.

:: Ever get the urge to watch Tatoo get all excited when de plane arrives? Or wanna see Mr. T - the original bling-meister? Watch full episodes of some of your favorite 80's sitcoms here.

If you hear of any 80's related news - send me an email.

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