March 13, 2009

What's Up? Not much here.

You're gonna get a kick out of this!

While searching for some good 80's blog fodder, I found a link to a site where a dude has scanned & posted dozens (over 100!) of handwritten notes from past friends & girlfriends. You remember - handwritten notes - folded in pseudo-origami fashion, with the invitation to "Pull Tab" to open?

Now - hopefully you won't actually enjoy reading this guy's mail, even if it is over 20 years old, but you oughta check it out just long enough to revive that fading memory you have of your former method of communication loooong before emails, texting, IM's and chat rooms ruined the warmth of it all.

Click on the letter above to visit the site.

BE WARNED: I haven't (and won't) read all the letters, but in the few I did read, several of them contained offensive language (offensive to me, anyway).


PS: Thanks to Gael at Pop Culture Junk Mail for the link.

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