March 23, 2009

More 9th Grade Photos

I'm continuing to post pics from the slideshow so you can get a bigger, better and longer look at each of them. And it's pics like these (thanks AGAIN to Kathy Flynt for these gems!) that deserve a much longer look! These were taken at lunch during our 9th grade year on the high school campus.

This is the first of several pics with Brad Larue pulling his shirt up. Not sure why though.
I'll try to i.d. as many as possible, from L to R:
David Damron, Ky Fiser, Lisa Bradford, Andrea Winston (?), Larry Campbell, Jeri Suttle, Bryan Clay, Trent Allen, Brad Larue (and his breast).

Add one Darren Yarborough (yellow shirt). Brad and his breast.

Brad holding David.
His hands are full so his shirt is down.

David holding Shelli Smith. Brad & his breast.
Looks like Kevin Young in the background and
Trent Allen off to the right.

Shelli holding David. And Brad. No breast.

I'm diggin' Damron's sleeveless shirt.
It'd go great with my pair of black pleather parachute pants.
More 9th grade pics next Monday.

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