March 18, 2009

French Class - 9th Grade

More slideshow pictures from Kathy Flynt. These are from the 9th grade French class, which explains why upper classman, Leigh Shannon, is among us. Looks like this might've been a Christmas party. Click to enlarge or download any of the photos.

Shelli Smith, Leigh Shannon, Christy Sullivan, Kathy Flynt

Leigh Shannon & Shelli Smith with Larry Campbell under the mistletoe.

Larry Campbell and Kevin Matlock. No idea what's going on here.

Nice pits.

Christy Sullivan, Shelli Smith, Kathy Flynt
Kenny Johnson, Kevin Matlock, Leigh Shannon

Christy Sullivan, Shelli Smith, Kenny Johnson, Larry Campbell, Leigh Shannon

Jacquelin Leslie, Larry Johnson, Kenny Johnson

Greg McGathy, Kenny Johnson, Kevin Matlock, Jacquelin Leslie
Shelli Smith, Larry Campbell, Kathy Flynt, Leigh Shannon

Kathy Flynt, Kevin Matlock, Larry Campbell, Leigh Shannon

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