March 27, 2009

Top 8 List of Top 8 80's Lists

Recently I found & introduced to you 80's aficionado Steve Peake over at If you haven't checked out his blog yet (I'm a subscriber), you should. But until you do, here's a list of links to whet your appetite for his 80's music knowledge. Whether you agree with his conclusions or not (I often don't), you'll appreciate his love of the greatest decade ever.

He has quite a few "Top 8 (or Top 10)" lists on his blog, so I've picked my own top 8 from his lists, get it? So here's a Top 8 List of Top 8 (or 10) 80's lists (in no particular order):

  1. Top 8 Michael Jackson Songs of the 80's - "...maybe the first half of the '80s was really just a comfortable, plateau-like apex for Jackson."

  2. Top 10 80's hard Rock Songs

  3. Top 10 Singles of the 80's - "The greatest singles of any era possess the power to change the world in three minutes..."

  4. Top 8 '80s Songs That Address a Person by Name in the Title - And if any of you ladies shared one of these names, your boyfriend had an easy choice for song favorite.

  5. Top 10 Songs of 1988

  6. Top 10 Least Worthy No. 1 Hits of the 80's - The fact that Peake included Duran Duran's Reflex among his list of "questionable if not cringe-inducing" songs makes me wonder why I even introduced you to him.

  7. Top 8 Duran Duran Songs of the 80's - Ok, he tries to redeem himself in this one.

  8. Top 10 Hair Metal Ballads of the 80's

So there you have my Top 8 list of 80's lists. Just for kicks, who would you put on your top 8 list of 80's artists?

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