March 20, 2009

3 Guys + 6 Keyboards = Sweet 80's Synth

I was checking out some of the latest posts over at RetroThing and found this video of some decently talented guys playing a synth medley of some great 80's hits. I thought it was so cool that I bumped the post that was scheduled for today. Come back next Friday for my Top 8 List of Top 8 Lists of 80's Music.

But for today, check this out:

Coupla things...

  1. Couldn't they find a more hip location for the video shoot other than mom's dining room with her Amish china cabinet in the background? C'mon - take it out to the garage... hang some black sheets or something.
  2. I couldn't tell you what half of their equipment was - except for a keyboard, and another keyboard, and a bigger keyboard, and a small keyboard... but it all looked really cool.
  3. Hey, was that a KEYtar?
  4. That voca-synth-o-lazery thingee they used on the Toto song was SWEET!
  5. I didn't know A-ha had another song.
  6. The harmony on the Mr. Roboto vocals was pretty tight. Nice job boys.
  7. Oh, what I wouldn't give to let Lance Ashley loose in that place.

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