February 23, 2009

SHS Sports Banquet

While putting together the slideshow for the reunion, I was forced to leave many pictures out. At times, I even had to eliminate an entire section of photos just to keep the show within a decent time frame. The sports banquet was one of those sections of photos that hit the cutting room floor. So here, for your enjoyment, are those pictures. These came from the scrapbook of Paula Ferguson.

Larry & Cindy (Cobb) Campbell

Shawn Ward ('89), Bobby Taylor ('89), Dana Oates, Darby Puckett ('89),
David Lunsford, Alan Holmes and Jamey Black
(Looks like Brad Larue peeking from behind)

Paula Ferguson, Shelli Smith, Cindy Cobb,
Andrea Winston, Christy Berry and Cindy Grace
The banquet was held in our old elementary cafeteria. You can see the fourth grade row of classrooms in the background.

Shelli Smith trying out a headdress.

Cowgirl Up!
Andrea Winston, Cindy Grace, Cindy Cobb,
Paula Ferguson and Shelli Smith

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