February 5, 2009

Short Shorts

To end this week of middle school pics, I present to you a photo that deserves it's very own post - not to be shared with any other photos. Here is the great shot from the photo album of Mandy Jester with her friends after a sleepover.

Standing in the back are Vicki Thompson, Shelli Smith, Cindy Cobb and Kim Vailes. Sitting down are Stacy Randolph ('87), Karen Vanlandingham, Mandy Jester and Serena Koon. Again, this photo was featured in the slideshow, but now stands deserving of it's own display - like your newest little league trophy.

As if the shorts and ankle socks weren't enough, you've got a collection of vintage tees represented here that would make any Ebayer raise their bid. Karen's "I Love REAL PEOPLE" shirt brings back memories of that great tv show that aired after "That's Incredible." And then you have Vicki's Andy Gibb tee. Don't worry gals - if you regret selling yours in that yard sale, you can make your own by purchasing this authentic iron-on decal at Ebay. I don't recognize Serena's or Shelli's shirt decal, but Stacy Randolph is promoting smoke-free lungs with a "Keep 'Em Clean" shirt.

This is vintage at it's best! Thanks girls!

And just for a little bonus, here's where I got the "Short Shorts" theme for the slideshow.

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  1. Wow...I wonder what my mother was thinking with my haircut??? Ewwwwwww lol