February 16, 2009


Admit it - you always wanted to have as your very own number, 867-5309 - didn't ya? Well one man who has it is getting rid of it - on Ebay!

Over at Steve Peake's About 80's column I just read this article about a guy who is auctioning off his area code 202 phone number on Ebay. At the time of the article the bidding was over $5,000! Steve quotes this original CNN article,

"This is really, in my opinion, one of the last cultural remnants of the '80s pop culture era ... other than the mullet," said Spencer Potter, a 28-year-old DJ who is selling the number he got for free five years ago.
While Potter is overlooking the fact that "867-5309" is an active phone
number in dozens of other area codes, it does get called a lot by curious
people. Potter said he has gotten about 40 calls a day since he got the area
code 201 version for his Weehawken, New Jersey, DJ business.

So after reading these articles and realizing that the auction should be over by now, I did a bit more research and found the ended auction page here (not sure how long it'll be up). I found the Ebay page linked to this article reporting that Potter won almost $200,000 for his famous number! Incredible! Thanks Tommy!

Wanna hear Tutone's one tune? Go to song #73 on the playist over in the sidebar. Or watch it "live" on YouTube here.

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