January 14, 2009

More Web Stats

The Sheridan88 website continues to see more action as we are now within 48 hours of our 20 year class reunion. You'll see in the graph above that we've had a little spike in hits the past few days, reaching almost 70 hits on Monday. Keep in mind that this graph only represents ONE HIT per visitor. In other words, if you visited the website four times during a day, it only counts the first. This means you can probably multiply the numbers above by quite a bit. Just think of how many times you went to the site yesterday... and multiply that by 70.

I mention those boring stats simply to draw attention to the website and to express how instrumental I think it's been in planning this reunion. I'm indebted to a friend of mine who told me that her senior class used the same site for their reunion and it worked really well. Once we got it up and running, our classmates did the rest by signing up, filling out their profiles and uploading photos.

By the way, if you haven't uploaded photos to your profile page yet, it's not too late. This will help us recognize you Friday & Saturday night.

As soon as the reunion is over I'll be resuming the regular posts here on the SHS 88 blog. They might not be as frequent as they were before Christmas, but I'll at least post a few things each week. The first couple of items we'll have here on the blog will be photos from the reunion and the slideshow that everyone will see this weekend.

See you Friday.

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