January 29, 2009

Growing Up Star Wars

Kirk Demarias is a fellow Arkansan (a Northwesterner) with an incredible retro blog who recently featured a post about a fast growing Flikr Photo Group called "Growing Up Star Wars."

Now, most of the female readers here won't appreciate this since the Star Wars saga had it's most lasting affect on the boys of the 70's. But if you're like Trent Allen or Rickey Whitaker and still have your Death Star, X-Wing Starfighter, Tie Fighter, Landspeeder and all 54 action figures packed away up in your attic, then prepare to drool. (I envy these guys. Seriously.)

I wish I had photos to contribute to this group. The closest thing I have is this photo that I posted back during the 12 Days of Christmas series I did in December.

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