January 27, 2009

Football Photos

One of the things you'll be seeing on the blog in the days & weeks ahead is various groups of photos from the slideshow. Some of the slideshow pics have already been featured on the blog, but many I've been "hiding" so they'd be a suprise during the reunion. I also hope to be able to provide a bit of commentary on the different sets of pics.

The first group you'll see below is the incredible treasure trove of black & white photos taken by Jamey's dad, Preston Black. If I'm not mistaken, all but two of the photos below were taken by Mr. Black. Some of these you might recognize as being used in our yearbook, and yet some have never been seen until the slideshow.

The first 10 or so shots were taken at War Memorial Stadium in an exhibition game (am I right on this?) played just before the Jackets' winning season began. The rest were taken throughout the season, including the 2nd round playoff game against the Arkadelphia Badgers.

Oh, and for those of you who'd even notice, these aren't necessarily in chronological order.

How would you like to download some of these? Well, I asked Jamey if I could make them available to you and he generously agreed. Just CLICK HERE to download any of the photos you're interested in. Only please be sure to give proper credit to Preston Black as the photographer.

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