January 2, 2009

Blog Update

The SHS Class of 88 Blog will be somewhat inconsistent over the next couple of weeks. I'll still be posting some things every few days... but I can't guarantee daily posts until the reunion is over or at least until I get the slide show finished. My apologies to David Damron who has informed me that he gets his daily fix reading the SHS 88 blog each morning before starting his work day! :)

If you're coming to the reunion (and by the way, you only have until NEXT WEDNESDAY JANUARY 7th TO REGISTER!!) you'll see why I need to put the blog on the back burner. I have a folder of over 2000 digital pictures that I have to sort through to see what makes the show & what hits the floor! It's just not possible to maintain the blog, finish the slide show and keep peace with my wife and 4 children all at the same time, so the blog will have to suffer a bit.

In the meantime, maybe you've missed some posts here on the blog & would like to go back and catch up. You can use the "Archives" links in the sidebar, or click on some of the categories below:

Go WAAAAYYY back to Elementary School
Watch all the senior performances during the NHS Lip Sync Contest
Or watch any of the three Senior Plays
Check out Basketball, Football, Cheerleaders or Band articles
Or re-live various graduation memories

All this and much, much more - right here on the SHS Class of 88 Blog! There have been over 150 total posts on this blog since it's inauguration back at the end of July, so please enjoy!

Until next time - whenever that is - I'll leave you with these pics (courtesy of Paula Ferguson)...

...Larry & Cindy Campbell, Paula Ferguson and Trent Allen bundled up during the cold winter...

...and Darren Yarbourough, Kevin Young, Misty Pratt, Andrea Winston, Shelli Smith, David McGhee ('86?), Ky Fiser, Larry Campbell and Jari Seppela enjoying their summer senior trip.

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