January 25, 2009

Before and After

Looking at the photos from the 20 year reunion, I've noticed a few similar poses & people that were in photos from 20 years ago. Here are a few.

David Lunsford and Shelli Smith then.

David and Shelli now.

Band members James Springer, Aaron Wilson, Jason Moore and Jerry Flynn then.

James, Aaron, Jason and Jerry now.

Football teammates Alan Holmes, Jamey Black and Steven Coleman then.

Alan, Jamey and Steven now.

Cindy Grace during the Sr. Plays then.

Still behind the mic - (Judge) Cindy now.

I grabbed these pics off of Vicki's profile (hope she doesn't mind!).
Here are best friends Lynn Taylor, Chris Allen, Lee Shaw
Martin Tunstall, Melinda Hill and Vicki Ausbrooks then.
Still friends after all these years...
Chris Allen, Lee Shaw, Vicki Ausbrooks
Martin Tunstall, Melinda Hill and Lynn Taylor now.


  1. Ok this was very clever and fun to see. Nice!

  2. Thanks - I love seeing before/after pics like this!

    Chris Allen has a similar pair of pics on his profile page.