January 30, 2009

80's Trivia - Round One

One of the highlights of the 20 Year Reunion was Saturday night's 80's Trivia Game. Twelve of our classmates got to participate along with a few others scattered in the audience. However only four made it to the top - Dana Oates, Jerry Flynn, Andy Mayberry and Kevin Young - out of which the dynamic duo of Dana & Jerry took the win.

So to let the rest of you have some fun, I'll periodically have a Trivia post here on the blog and perhaps on the Sheridan88 site as well. For now, see if you can answer the following questions - just leave your answers in the comments section - but don't peek at the other answers first! Oh - and NO GOOGLING!!

1. Which one of the following artists DID NOT sing "That's What Friends are For"?

a. Aretha Franklin
b. Gladys Kinght
c. Stevie Wonder
d. Elton John
e. Dionne Warwick

2. Which one of the following kids WAS NOT a New Kid on the Block?

a. Mark Wahlberg
b. Jordan Knight
c. Joe McIntyre
d. Danny Wood
e. Jonathan Knight

3. Dire Straits came from which country?

a. England
b. Ireland
c. Canada
d. Germany
e. New Zealand

4. Run D.M.C.'s DJ was _______________

a. Terminator X
b. Melle Mel
c. Jam Master Jay
d. Spinderella
e. Mix-master Ice

5. Remember the song "Mexican Radio"? Finish this weird lyric from this 1982 song: "I wish I was in Tijuana, ___________________"

Click on "COMMENTS" to leave your answers - be sure to include your name.
The correct answers will be revealed next week.
Stay tuned - NAME THAT TUNE coming soon!

Trivia questions courtesy of PCAT: Preparation for the Pop-Culture Aptitude Test by John Sellers


  1. 1. Aretha Franklin
    2. Mark Wahlburg
    3. Ireland (just guessing)
    4. Jam Master Jay
    5. No idea. I remember the song though.

  2. 1. B
    2. A
    3. E
    4. C
    5. Don't have a clue.
    I didn't remember her being a KC Royals fan but I know that she's in Kansas teaching now. And I don't remember her having a prosthetic...
    I remember how pretty her handwriting was.
    Kathy Flynt James