December 30, 2008

Vacation Bible School

Regardless of where we went to church growing up - or even if we didn't regularly attend church - many of us have been through the doors of Immanuel Baptist Church (IBC) on Holly Street in Sheridan during Vacation Bible School in the summer months. Below are a couple of photos provided by Mandy Jester that her mother had been keeping in a scrapbook for many years. Mandy allowed me the privilege of scanning almost 75 classic photos of IBC's early days.

This church holds a special place in my life for many reasons. Even though I attended a different church growing up, one of my first VBS experiences was here at IBC. Also, my wife and her family spent many, many years at this church. Then in 1992 when I did meet my wife, I attended Immanuel with her, where I first remember hearing the gospel and my need for a Savior at the age of 22. By God's grace, I was saved and several years later I responded to a desire to enter the ministry and preached my first sermon soon after - all here at Immanuel Baptist Church!

Well, I know this is a blog about the SHS Class of 88, but I wanted to post these photos because several of our classmates can be easily identified in these pics.

Here you see from L to R: Allen Kelley ('89), Kim Vailes, Mandy Jester, Shawn Jester ('93), Kristy Evans, Trina Smurl ('89) and Kristy Scribner. That's Mandy's mother standing on the steps in the background.

Pictured in this class going clockwise: Junior Womack, David Webb, Brett Epperson, Rodney McDougal, Paul Allen ('89), Theresa Larson, Kristy Evans, Mandy Jester, Kristy Scribner, UNKOWN, Kim Vailes and Gwen Finley ('87).

You can see all the IBC Retro pictures on my Facebook page here and here (you don't have to have a Facebook account to view them).

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