December 31, 2008

SHS New Year's Resolutions

From the Sheridan Yellowjacket, December 1987.

SHS students make resolutions for 1988
By Jeni Crosswhite, Donna Ellis, Carrie Harrington and Amandy Mooney

Resolutions are always a way of celebrating the new year’s coming in and the old year’s going out.

People in almost every country celebrate New Year’s Day as a holiday. Many people start the New Year by trying to break bad habits and starting good ones.

Following are some resolutions offered by people at Sheridan High School.


To become the richest guy on earth and have everybody else fall at my feet and beg to touch me. Steven Benning

To accomplish more this year than I did last year. Kristy Evans

To not wimp-out of calculus like some people and to ignore the rude insults about my ancestors that my fellow calculus classmates bestow upon me. Aaron Wilson

To get out of every class possible at semester and take study hall all day. David Damron

To get revenge on Christy Berry and to make David Damron buy me a new English notebook.
Trent Allen

To give Larry, Paula, Christy B. and Kim as many nicknames as they’ve given me. Cindy Cobb

To make no resolutions due to the scarcity of faults within myself.
Andy Mayberry

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