December 27, 2008

Lower Lip Exercises

From our junior yearbook:

“It’s like taking your lower lip and pulling it over your head. It’s hard to do and painful, other than that it’s fun.” - Joomi Ha
“It is hard and challenging to learn. I think Mrs. Graves is a good teacher.” – Ada Leslie

“This is 7th and I enjoy it most of the time because it marks the end of the day!” – Vicki Ausbrooks

“This class is fun except at times it gets too loud and you can’t hear what the teacher says. It’s hard!” – Tonya Rylie

“This class is very confusing most of the time.” – Sara Luft

“It is a terrific class. I think everyone should take it.” – Angela Rogers

“It’s not too bad on the few days I understand what is going on.” – Melinda Hill

“I like Mrs. Graves, but sometimes this Trig. mess confuses me to death. It’s fun playing thumper with Cindy Cobb and Christy Berry.” – Cindy Grace

“It’s hard as heck, but I love laughing at Cindy Grace & Cobbgirl.” – Christy Berry

“I like this class, but it is very hard. The main reason I like it is because of Mrs. Graves; I like the way she teaches.” – Trent Allen

“It’s beyond my mentality level.” – Cindy Cobb

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