December 9, 2008

Jr. Band Stand

I can't remember who gave me this photo, but you're looking at the Middle School Band. To be quite honest... I don't see any of our classmates in this photo, so it very well could be during our 9th grade year. Or, it might be our 8th grade year during the Homecoming game - this might explain the absence of any girls (who are usually in the front sections of the band) that might be Homecoming maids.

I do see lots of 89ers, like Stacy Cunningham, Brooks Boyd, Danny Boling and Robert Welch. I see Steve Warmack & Barry Blake ('87) on the far left standing up against the fence... and of course Mr. Grissom and Mr. West are conversing there in the front.

If anyone can pinpoint what year this is and where the class of 88 is, please enlighten me!

1 comment:

  1. It must be our class (89)! I am in the middle in the blue and white flag "uniform!"
    Stacy Cunningham Gilbert