December 4, 2008

Don't Know Much About Algebra

Taken from our 1987 Junior Yearbook:

“It is about Algebra. Mrs. Graves is the teacher. Thank you for caring.” – Larry Campbell

“Algebra II is so different from Algebra I, but in a good way. Mrs. Graves really makes this class fun.” – Janet Powell

“Algebra II is a fun and entertaining experience, but still the teacher makes the day.” – Kevin Matlock

“Algebra II is just another class to me. I like having Mrs. Graves for a teacher because she doesn’t give very much homework. It’s just all the equations that get to me.” – Dana Oates

“I find Algebra II semi-hard, but at least it’s not Geometry.” – Kim Derrick

“Mrs. Graves is a very good teacher. It’s hard to believe, but she makes Algebra interesting.” - ???

“Mrs. Graves makes the class what it is. It is not easy, but then again, what is? You’ve got to study the subject to do good.” – Travis Miller

“I think that Mrs. Graves is a nice person and a good teacher. I’m especially glad that she hardly ever gives homework. I feel lucky to have her rather than Mrs. Vailes.” – Kim Sites

“It’s unlike any other class.” – Stephanie Brown

"Mrs. Graves is a great teacher. She has a good sense of humor and the best thing is you hardly ever have homework, but yet you learn.” – Michelle Stoops

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