December 11, 2008

And Here's to You, Mr. Robinson...

“This class is neat. After all, where else can we hear about Mr. Robinson’s wonderful relatives and learn all about our great country’s interesting history?” – Kristi Webb

“I think this class is okay, and that memorizing the preamble and how a bill becomes a law is stupid.” – Christie Romine

“It’s a fun class. Mr. Robinson is a great teacher and makes learning fun.” – Kristen Trantham

“It isn’t my favorite class, but since I had to take it…” – Aaron Wilson

“American History class is something I thank God for every night.” – Bryan Tygart

“They are lucky I take time out of my day to stop by.” – Pat Moltz

“History is OK, but I think Mr. Robinson should talk slower when we’re taking notes so we can keep up with him.” – Belinda Reynolds

“The class is really neat, and I like learning History in this kind of atmosphere. But I think we could do without pop quizzes.” – Susie Larkin

“I wouldn’t take American History if I didn’t have to.” – Brett Cato

“My attitude is very questionable.” – Mike Wells

“I hate History.” – Paula Ferguson

“The class can really be fun at times, but as for American History – Yuck!” – Lisa Coker

“I think this class involves too much work.” – Michael Winbury

“This is a great class. They should get more films and things like that on it. It is a required class. We should learn as much about this as possible since this is our American culture.” – Ricky Whitaker

“The class is OK I guess. The only thing I don’t like is all the notes we have to take, and also the projects we have to do every nine weeks.” – Karmin Hope

“The subject is terrible, but the teacher is the best. I love you, Mr. Robinson.” – Scott Herron

“Having a teacher like Mr. Robinson is like being in heaven with him on the throne, ‘He’s the way, the truth, and the life!’” – Mandy Jester

“The class is very novel with all the memory work, notes, and hard tests. The ever-smiling face of Mr. Robinson peering from behind his desk, and his hammer calling us to order.” – Robert McClung

“I like this class very much because I have always been good in this subject. Also I like the way Mr. Robinson reviews, like playing the games. Mr. Robinson is a great teacher and I respect the way he keeps his room because it looks like mine. I like his car too.” – Trent Allen

“This class is a Communist dictatorship; I advise all future Jr.’s to face the west every day and beg God not to have this class.” – Steven Coleman


  1. Oh crap, did I really say that?
    I have since change my opinion and regret to say that was an immature comment to say about laws and bills. I now realize the importance of learning about our government and history of our nation. Even though, I still am very bad at memorization and can not recite the preamble, I wouldn't be upset if my child's teacher asked them to do the same.

    I have to make sure the kids never see this site.

    Christie Romine Speak

  2. Romine! I can't believe you said that! Ah, well, that's okay--I personally did not care for his class (because he read from the book so much so far as I remember--though I did think him to be a fun and cool person) and actually made my only C in my school career from K - 12 in his class. (College was another story...) Oh, the irony that I ended up LOVING American History so much that I now work in a museum and would love to have a "retirement" job at Colonial Williamsburg. Knowing our history is truly important because without it, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Glad to see your views have changed, Christie!

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