December 20, 2008

8th Day of Christmas: My Wish Book

On the 8th Day of Christmas... make your wish!

It's simply amazing what you can find on the internet these days. All the images below were taken from a website I recently discovered called These guys are doing a HUGE service to those of us who love to live in the past. They are in the process of scanning vintage department store catalogs and making them available to the public for online viewing. Ok... maybe I'm the only one who gets excited about that kind of stuff. Well just take a look at some of the pics below and I'll think you'll share my enthusiasm.

Now just think about this... remember looking through those thick Sears Wishbooks every year as you made out your Christmas list? Well, these are the VERY SAME CATALOGS that we used to peruse! Isn't that just crazy?!

Ok, still not excited? Just take a look. Some of these toys are what our classmates asked Santa for over 30 years ago!

Banana seats and flowery baskets. How many of you had one of these waiting beside the Christmas tree?
Here are the dolls that Jeri Suttle and Angela Rogers put on their list.

Phillip Clifford asked Santa for this Snoopy Drive-in Movie Theatre.

Wouldn't you? I would did.

In 1976 we were probably wearing Sesame Street clothes. I'd love to have that red-sleeved shirt with Snuffleupagus on it. Um... for my kids, of course.

Click to enlarge these Sesame Street toys. I actually have the Fisher Price Sesame Street Playset decorating my office at work. Got it for a steal at a yard sale... and they're going for no less than $75 on Ebay.

Any of you gals get a Barbie Swimming Pool?

My sister did. I must admit that I wanted to play with it. Notice the dude sitting under the umbrella... that's not Ken, it's Luke Skywalker (another one of my sister's gifts that I was jealous of).
Oh - and check out the Christmas tree... see the clothespin soldier ornament I featured on the 6th Day of Christmas?

I have a picture of me with these Batman & Robin dolls one Christmas morning. This was back before they went & messed with the cartoon characters & went all Justice League United.

This is how I'll always remember my Superfriends.

The two ads above mark the beginning of the electronic game era. That's right - you're looking at the forerunners of PSP, Wii and Nintendo DS. I had Merlin along with a basketball, baseball and football electronic game. It literally hurts my stomach to think that I no longer have these. I found a mint-in-box Merlin game today on Ebay for $132! For some reason, my sweet wife didn't share my excitement. So, if any of you are wondering what to get me this year... just sayin'.

And as we started getting older - too old for baby dolls, Barbies and Batman, we all started thinking two words: Hi Fi. We would've loved to have something like the stereo above, while our dads would've been eyeing the one below:

I hope you enjoyed this 8th day of Christmas. If anything, you learned that it sometimes pays not to throw ANYTHING away... you never know when it'll be a hot item on Ebay.
Be sure to visit and see Wishbooks from other years during the 70's & 80's.


  1. Loved the "Weebles" Tree House especially--I had the "Winnie the Pooh & His Hunny Tree" version. Don't have the entire thing anymore, but I still have the Winnie the Pooh Weeble from the set. P.S. I'm still not selling you my Simon! Hee! Hee!

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