December 19, 2008

7th Day of Christmas: I'm the DJ, He's the Wrapper

On this 7th Day of Christmas you're really in for a treat!

In December of our 11th or 12th grade year, Trent Allen and I were asked to do a live radio program for our church on Sheridan's very own KKDI (there's a four letter word I bet you didn't wanna hear again!) The Methodist Church sponsored a program called "The Word in Music" and for this Christmas program they thought they'd try to do it live... and they asked a couple of teenagers... and I have the recording! I've just taken a few 60 second clips of each of us to give you some idea of how the program went. Enjoy!

This first clip is Aaron telling the story of "Diane" as she awaits the second coming of Christ.
Here is Trent telling of how a pregnancy reminds us of our anticipation of Christ. Suffice it to say that with all my audio editing capabilities, I had to do nothing to give us those southern accents! Here's Aaron talking about a boy named Jimmy. During this clip, you'll hear Trent stumble over his script and a few seconds later, he almost loses it while trying not to laugh. I'm sure I wasn't doing anything to encourage this. This clip is Aaron ending the program and giving the program credits.
And Trent is heard one last time giving a "tag" for the program.
Trent & me (and little sister), circa Christmas 1978-79. Way before our career in radio ministry.

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