December 18, 2008

6th Day of Christmas: Tolson's Tree & Other Treats

I'm reposting this (for obvious reasons) and throwing in a few extra bonus pics:

I'm not sure why the Sheridan Headlight featured our class for this picture, but my mom has hung on to this clipping for a loooong time.

THE BOYS AND GIRLS in Mrs. Tolson's kindergarten room rest on their laurels as they admire their beautiful Christmas tree.

Here's my attempt to i.d. everyone:
Front Row L-R: Jeffrey Darnell, Fred Pemberton, Bryan Tygart, Jackie McElroy, Betty Jo Skorcz
Middle Row: Terry Mayberry, Vicki Thompson, Angela Rogers, Lee Shaw, Lynn Childers
Back Row: Vandra Williams, Kim Smith, Aaron Wilson, James Hicks, Jody Wiggins, Jon Paul Anderton, Phillip Clifford

Check out the Christmas craft hanging on the chalkboard & seen above. I remember making this reindeer... with Q-tips for antlers... probably cupcake papers for eyes & lots of construction paper.
I did some digging around and couldn't find many of the crafts that I thought I had, but I did find a box of old Christmas ornaments from my childhood - many of which were hand-crafted. I'm pretty sure we made or received all of these during our school years. It's possible that one or two were made at church, but I'm pretty sure they all came from school.

The back of this 3 inch tall stocking is mesh, probably revealing the candy treats inside.
These apples look to be a gift from one of our teachers.
Remember these clothespin creations?
I have vague memories of when I made this... but can't remember when. I wanna say it was a cub scout project, now that I think about it. Q-tips were made for crafts! We saw Q-tip reindeer antlers earlier, and now they show up as drumsticks.
Oh the joys of being a child during Christmas! If you have children, be sure to make their memories as precious as ours are.

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