December 15, 2008

3rd Day of Christmas: What to Wear to the 80's Christmas Parties

Fashion Column
By Debra Howard and Gina McCool

Christmas parties are coming up, and if you are the more conservative type who is satisfied with just wearing jeans, then you may want to try wearing your best jeans and a sweater. You could add to the outfit by wearing a chain necklace and earrings to match.

If you like to dress up more formally, then you may choose to wear a pair of dress pants with a sweater, or a skirt along with a pair of flats. Either way you’ll be dressed for almost any Christmas party.

For a flashier holiday try bubbles or velvet. The bubble or balloon skirt is frilly and is a potent fashion trend. Some climb up the thigh. Others balloon from a dropped torso, while others begin to inflate just below the waistline to hide a multitude of bulges and imperfections. When wearing a bubble, it’s best to keep your silhouette in balance with a fuller head of hair. Don’t wear a sleek, short cut or a close-to-the-head bun.

To give your hair volume, try using smaller hot rollers. Backcombing will help increase volume.

Velvet in any color or style is a winner in winter. Many fashion designers believe velvet should only be worn from November to February. This is, of course, up to you.

Accessories for velvet are often rhinestones but never scarves. Scarves are too casual for such a dressy fabric. However, velvet is sometimes combined with tulle, organza or satin. These are just a few suggestions for an “all together” look at Christmas.

Winter fashions: What’s in
By Debra Howard and Marlena Ukno

The snow cascades gently out of the sky. Winter is here! Don’t you be caught unprepared! If you’re looking for winter fashions, this is the place.

Overall, students prefer oversized sweaters usually worn with jeans or slacks. Denim jackets come in at a close second. Many go for loose-fitting sweatshirts in a variety of colors and styles.

Crop pants, slightly tapered at the ankle, are an important part of the fashion scene this winter. You may choose these in either a denim or patterned design in assorted fabrics.

Plaids are slowly increasing in popularity this season. They may be worn with solid colors that accentuate them.

Stirrup pants are being worn by more students now. These are usually paired with oversized jackets or coats in coordinating colors.

Blacks, grays, browns, and reds are the predicted colors to achieve the winter look.

In the shoe category, pumps and flats can be seen roaming the halls of SHS. The most widely worn colors of these include blacks, tans, and browns. Most usually, they are used to complete the look this season with the before-mentioned crop pants. Together, they add a nice touch to either a casual outfit or one not so casual. Ankle boots are an important necessity for your winter wardrobe. Taupe, gray, and black are colors most people prefer.

No outfit is ever fully complete without accessories. Gummy bracelets in fluorescent colors are being worn a lot now. These are usually worn on the wrists and/or ankles. Necklaces may range anywhere from gold chains to brightly colored wooden beads. Both earrings and necklaces should be worn with clothes which accentuate your best features.
Just remember, because an outfit may look good on one person, the same outfit may ruin another person. Whatever the case may be, always wear what is most flattering to you.

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